'Allo, 'Allo

Date 15th June 2012
Society Ury Players
Venue Stonehaven Town Hall, Stonehaven
Type of Production Play?
Director Heather Adams Officer?


Author: Ron Stewart

Stonehaven Ury Players production was dedicated to a former member who loved a good story about the war and this was certainly a good story about the war superbly produced and acted. The atmosphere was set right from the opening of the doors with a welcome to Café Rene with excellent accordion music in the continental style by David Martin. The café tables were well decorated and I must thank Reg. Rep. Douglas for the fine picnic box which he kindly left us while off on the high seas! The cast, of course, had to be compared with the television show and compare they certainly did. Kevin Newstead was an excellent Rene and made the most of every comic double entendre, ably supported by Liz Forrest as his talented? wife Edith. No Café Rene would be complete without the glamorous waitresses and this we had in Kirsty Lockhart and Lois Donaldson as Yvette and Mimi respectively. Equally appropriate were Rachel Smart as Michelle and Peter Esson (Leclerc). In the German camp special mention must be made of Murray Deans a former youth members who stepped in at extremely short notice to take over the role of Lieutenant Gruber on the unfortunate illness of Andrew Dart – and a faultless performance he gave. Emily Esson was an excellent Helga and her scenes with Herr Flick (Tim Roberts) were hilarious. Others in the large cast were in excellent form and Heather Adams Officer made the most of her jumbled lines as Officer Crabtree. All in all an extremely enjoyable evening of comedy theatre. Thank you, Ury Players