All In a Day's Work

Date 24th November 2021
Society Vane Tempest Theatre Group
Venue Seaham Town Hall
Type of Production Concert
Musical Director Ben Wardropper


Author: Helen Abraham

After starting rehearsals in January 2020, Vane Tempest Theatre Group were finally able to bring their long awaited concert to the stage this month.  The covid pandemic forced them to put a half to their rehearsals as it did for us all.  As such it was with great pleasure I was invited to attend and report on their concert “All In A Day’s Work”.

The theme was when a task or function of a particular job sounds harsh or unusual but is actually quite common or usual to the job itself.  I do enjoy the format of Vane Tempest TG’s concerts having attended many prior to my post at NODA.  They have a beautiful bunch of voices and tend to mix up the format with sketches, poems, solos, ensemble numbers and some (occasionally dubious!) comedy from Musical Director Ben Wardropper, all within the theme.

The concert was also in aid of the charitable cause “Heel & Toe Childrens Charity” inspired by the grandson of two of their members, and all donations for programmes and refreshments went to the cause – well done Vane Tempest TG.

Ben really needs to be applauded for his talent and ability as vocally Vane Tempest TG are extremely strong and their blended harmonies carry well.  His arrangements are unique and are really noticeable.  He kept the pace between the songs with his comedy interludes and jokes the majority of which were extremely funny and enjoyable.  Really well done Ben.

The set was extremely simple, rows of chairs and no real stage lighting with the cast uniformly dressed in their red polo shirts and black giving the concert a very casual feel.  It was a little static in that there was no movement involved at all, being more of a choral presentation of song from folders rather than songs being performed as such but the vocal arrangements were lovely.

All in all a lovely night’s entertainment.