A Warwickshire Testimony

Date 25th October 2013
Society Bedworth Theatre Company
Venue Bedworth Arts Centre
Type of Production Play
Director Stella Niblock


Author: Annette Nuttall

This play is an accumulation of a number of reminisces of Warwickshire residents. April De Angelis collated them and formed them into an interesting historical piece.

The story mainly follows Edie at various points through her life and her relationship with her family. There are scenes set in the past and the present, a challenge for any theatre company.

Played in an Arts Centre (and in a room in a pub the previous night) this production was limited in the amount of scenery that could be used. Clever use of minimal props and stage dressing, combined with lighting and sound, gave the feel of a forest, a 1950’s hairdressers and a mansion house to name but a few, without the need for complicated and drawn out scene changes.

With solid performances from all players, I found the play compelling. Old Edie, Virginia Tennant was convincing with her portrayal of the seemingly frail but still very clever, almost manipulative Edie in her 80’s. Alison Smith, Young Edie, handled the various ages she had to play well. The casting of these two was spot on making a believable transition from young to old.

There was a lovely feeling of everyone chipping in to make this show a success, a real group effort.