A Nativity

Date 26th November 2017
Society Driffield Musical Theatre
Venue Driffield Community Centre
Type of Production Musical
Director Sheenagh Austin
Musical Director Ryan Wilson
Choreographer Kate Burniston and Andrea Hawken


Author: Tony Harris

The programme cover for this production said that A Nativity was a musical play for childish adults and that was probably about right.  Written by David Rounce it was a quite funny, somewhat irreverent, take on the familiar story and it was well enjoyed by the audience and quite clearly by the cast.

The addition of music to the original play created a panto feel which was good and the vocals were where the cast really shone.  There was some excellent singing and super harmonies where required to music provide by backing tracks.

The show was extremely well held together by Catherine Hudson as Angel Islington and Lee Wilson as Angel Delight and the way they worked together was excellent showing a great rapport between the two of them.  Angel Gabriel, yuppie-like and dressed in a white suit, was well portrayed by Harry Bulmer but I did think that his character could have been a bit larger.  Chloe Ellis and Jarreth Kitchen gave nice performances as Mary and Joseph although I wasn’t sure about the monotone of the former’s dialogue, as required by the script.  I enjoyed Jane Rounce as Mary’s cousin, Elizabeth, and Martin Burniston gave us an enjoyable Innkeeper and also played Caesar.

The directorial debut of Sheenagh Austin gave the Wise Men and Shepherds full rein and the tap dance by the sheep was very good.  Costumes were pretty much traditional and the set, lighting and sound totally acceptable.

I saw the final dress rehearsal of the production and perhaps the only thing missing was a bit of oomph but that will have come in full performance.  This small society works very hard on it’s productions and long may it continue.