A Chorus of Disapproval

Date 27th October 2016
Society Walberton Players
Venue Walberton Village Hall
Type of Production Musical
Director Paula Tinker
Musical Director Tricia Howse
Choreographer Emma Wynter


Author: Jose Harrison

This is what this society does best, comedy and drama and music all jelled together with some excellent performances from the cast. The story of a company producing a musical tells of a young widower who hopes to join his local drama group and not only is he accepted, but after taking many roles ends up in the lead. Walberton tackled this ambitious play, with style, adding a small singing choir, in full costume, bulking out the volume of the highly suitable songs from The Beggars Opera.

Jason Evans, despite his welsh surname, doesn’t usually have a welsh accent but, playing Dafydd AP Llewellyn the Artistic Director, he had a really good one for this play and it was maintained throughout. He also proved himself an excellent singer and compellingly watchable in a very demanding role. Chris Harris, playing Guy Jones the newcomer, was very good, managing to look completely guileless throughout. He is hotly pursued by the Director’s wife, Hannah, well cast in Justine Potter. Lizzie Gibson (Fay Hubbard) gave a faultless performance as the competition for his affection. 

In fact, every member of the cast was on top form and it seems a shame not to give then all a mention so, here goes. Angela Barber (Bridget Baines, the stage manager) was feisty and fought like a demon when Gabby Evans (Linda) threatened to take her rather uncouth, gum chewing man Matt Hughes-Short (Crispin Usher). Their stage fight was something to watch!! Jeanette Fido and Peter Fuller as  the Huntley-Pikes, were every inch the landed gentry used to getting their own way whereas Peter Allday and Jane Hayler as Ted and Enid Washbrook were quite the opposite portraying a week, feeble couple at the opposite end of the social ladder. Bill Adams (Ian Hubbard) was obviously keen on wife swapping but untrustworthy when it came to Am-drams. The cast was completed by Tricia who played Mrs Ames the MD in the play, with some lovely facial expressions! 

The scenery was simple but effective with the use of various small pieces to set the various scenes. The ‘Beggars Opera’ costumes were excellent and contrasted nicely with the modern clothes for the non ‘Beggars Opera’ scenes. All together this was a great show.