Urgent Call for Actor in Leeds

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Leeds Children's Theatre are looking for a male actor to play a medium part in our next production of Terry Pratchett's 'Johnny and the Dead'. This part does have lines to learn but are spread across 6 scenes and are few and far between.

The character is William Stickers, a dead, outspoken communist. He is described as a big man with a big black beard and gold rimmed spectacles. He needs to have an imposing voice. The character was portrayed by Brian Blessed in the BBC adaptation.

This is an urgent call as the play is on at The Carriageworks Theatre in 7 weeks. We are on stage from 4th - 9th November 2019.

Please note that we are posting this on amateur theatre groups & hubs as it is an amateur production and as such there is no payment for the role.

If you are interested in this part, please contact the Director, Dan Dainter, directly at vice-chair@leeds-childrens-theatre.co.uk

Rehearsals normally take place in the evenings at the theatre, usually 6.30pm-8pm (http://www.leeds-childrens-theatre.co.uk/members-calendar.html)