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Regional Councillor stands down

7th September 2017

After 5 years as Noda North East Councillor plus 1 year as Secretary David Streeter has decided to retire from his position, not a decision taken lightly and one which his colleagues on the North East Committee were saddened to hear. At the recent Noda North East Committee meeting on Sunday 3rd September David was presented with a token of their appreciation by stalwart member Julie Webb, Regional Rep for District 14. Everyone agreed David will be missed not only for his expert organisational skills but also for his leadership over the last 5 years.

Julie WEBB took a leaf out of the late Reg Vinnecombe's book with a parody of that much loved song from My Fair Lady, "I've Grown Accustomed to her Face" -


We’ve grown accustomed to your face.

You’ve made us Reps think hard and long,

We’ve grown accustomed to your voice

When making point or choice,

Your stares, your smiles,

Demands or wiles

Are second nature to us now,

We’re doing well and working hard, 

‘Cause you’ve pushed us through computing, social media et al.

And you’ve made us question - long held views again.

And yet  

You’re going without fuss,

No big adieu or Brid. goodbye,

Just returning to the wings.

Your sense of timing is spot on,

No minutes wasted, agenda’s done,

Reports and dates,

Move on for luncheon waits.

The futures always on your mind,

For NODA members uppermost,

You emphasized the importance of their needs, their views, their subs.

Meet and talk, inform,- also train our youth.

And so 

We thank you for your time,

We’re sad to see you go,

Thank you from us all.