DBS Checking

NODA is an umbrella organisation for DBS checks

If you need advice on the DBS process, you can get lots of information on the government website.

You can also call NODA Membership Services on 01733 374 790 or email dbs@noda.org.uk with any questions you have.

Referred to as the ‘DBS’ the Disclosure and Barring Service, this helps societies make safer recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people from working with children.

Please note there is a charge of £1 to supply blank DBS forms, this is to contribute towards the cost of the postage, irrespective of the quantity requested.

We have six documents below to assist you with the process.

1. The Easy Step by Step guide to the DBS process

This guide helps you to understand how to make an application for checking the suitability of an individual.

2. The DBS Update Service: A guide for societies

A guide to help you make use of the update service to check on the suitability of individuals to work with you if they’re a member of the update service.

3. Introduction to the new update service (societies & their members)

This guide tells you about what the DBS Update service is and the benefits available.

4. Code of Practice

This fact sheet covers the code of practice we as a registered body must follow when processing DBS Checks on behalf of members.

5. DBS ID Checking Guidance

This guide is for all persons who check ID of the applicants applying for a DBS check.

6. NODA abides by its Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy.

7.What is entailed in the various levels of DBS checks?