Water Lane Theatre Company

Location Bishops Stortford
Contact Rachel Jackson - waterlanetc@gmail.com

Who are we? Well, we are a bunch of enthusiasts who love doing what we do. Some of us act, some of us paint sets, some of us do make up, costumes, props and a few of us direct. We also have been known to partake of a beverage at a local hostelry!

If you've got even a small interest in the theatre we think you’ll love being part of our theatre company. We are the only amateur dramatic group in Bishop’s Stortford and we take enormous pride in the quality of the plays we put on, our friendship and the fact that despite being an avid drama group there isn't a single drama queen or prima donna among us.

We put on plays at various locations around the town, indoors and outdoors, we meet socially for our annual quiz and comedy nights, theatre trips or sometimes just down the pub…….

So if you used to act and fancy giving it another crack, or if you've never done it before and want to see what it’s like in friendly company, or even if you fancy being a part of what we do backstage, or even just socially – then get in touch, and we would love to meet you.