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Savoynet Performing Group



Contact Details

Mr P Barton -

Rehearsal Venue

St Luke's Church
Franklin Square


SavoyNet was founded in 1994 by Bill Venman, an American G&S enthusiast, who wanted to communicate with like-minded individuals via the new-fangled Internet.  It now has almost 1000 Google and Facebook members around the world including professional performers, producers and academics, as well as amateur performers, accompanists and audience members.

The SavoyNet Performing Group first performed at the Festival with Cox and Box in 1997, followed by Trial by Jury in 1998, and has presented a full-length opera every year since 1999.  Participants from around the globe assemble in Harrogate each year to rehearse for a week prior to the single performance.  With its innovative production of Thespis in 2014, directed by Gary Slavin, SavoyNet completed the full 14-opera canon, the only group to have done so at the Festival.  Over the years, participants have won numerous nominations and awards.  Our 2013 production of The Yeomen of the Guard resulted in an unprecedented seven awards, including International Champions.  Savoynet's production of Patience in 2018 was also the winning entry in the 25th International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival.

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