Old Buckenham Players

Location Attleborough
Contact Laurence Barnett - laurence.barnett@btinternet.com
Rehearsal Venue Old Buckenham Village Hall
Abbey Road
Old Buckenham
NR17 1RH

Old Buckenham Players (OBP) was started by a small group of friends in 1978 at Old Buckenham Village Hall. Several founder members are still with us and active today. Old Buckenham is a thriving village in God's own county of Norfolk U.K.
We have done comedies, ‘straight’ plays, full length or short one-acters, even Shakespeare (once). We do not always choose well known plays and take pride in the fact that some of our productions are decidedly off-beat. However we need to remember our audiences and ensure firstly that they are attracted to turn up, secondly that they are entertained, and thirdly that they will want to come back again!
We normally try to do three shows a year in January, May and September. January is pantomime time, or a seasonal play of some description; in May we aim to do a full length play, either a comedy or drama, and in September we try to put on something a bit more relaxed such as a couple of one-act plays with some music or entertainment in an informal setting with some simple food or nibbles.