Alderley & Wilmslow Musical Theatre Company

Location Wilmslow
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OUR HISTORY - In 1947 at a meeting in the ballroom of the Rex Theatre Wilmslow, "Alderley and Wilmslow Amateur Operatic Society” was formed, ounded with the aim of “cultivating the Art of Musical Drama and promoting entertainment of a social nature...” it wasn't until 1949, after many fund-raising events, before the curtain rose on the first production - Lionel Monckton’s “A Country Girl”.  The souvenir programme carried the message “Ladies - Kindly Remove Your Hats!” and the North Western Electricity Board exhorted us to “use our electricity out of peak hours, or you may stop cows from being milked”. 

WHO ARE WE?  We are an adult society dedicated to the staging of high quality semi-professional musical theatre shows. Thousands of people have contributed to the society’s success over the years, with many a leading man or lady going on to the professional stage, and we are proud to have been part of their history.

OUR MISSION - To enrich and give access to musical theatre to the people of Wilmslow and Alderley Edge and to develop and nurture local talent.