Yes Prime Minister

Date 1st October 2016
Society Horncastle Theatre Company
Venue Lion Theatre
Type of Production Play
Director David Ireland
Musical Director n/a
Choreographer n/a


Author: David Fisher

Horncastle Theatre Company can always be relied upon to give their audience a terrific evening. Selecting a play of this nature is a difficult thing to attempt as its association with the Civil Service means that the script is very wordy.

When viewing this live in a theatre with a single set, there needs to be a lot going on to keep the audience engaged. Darren Yates in his portrayal of Jim Hacker kept the evening moving at a great pace. A personal observation was that very occasionally cast members were reaching for lines, but it did not detract from a very amusing and entertaining evening.

Under the direction of David Ireland the set, costumes and lighting as always were good. The use of footage on the TV screen taken with the introduction of a live TV camera on the set near the end were technically very good, and I know the audience were engrossed in watching the vintage film being shown.

I believe that with the assistance of this first class script the team has showed the diplomatic problems that we the mere public do not see in general life. It left me thinking how difficult day to day decisions must be for those in senior political life. Thank you Horncastle.