Wyrd Sisters

Date 31st July 2015
Society Washington Theatre Group
Venue Washington Arts Centre
Type of Production Play
Director Nigel Judson and Rachel Neill


Author: Foster Johnson

Staging a play based on the works of Sir Terry Pratchett with all the complexities and twists and turns that he brought to his writings is a daunting task in itself. However when you get thrown a curve ball by losing the stage you are due to perform on midway through your rehearsals and having the direction of the show in the hands of two fairly inexperienced directors then you have to have resilience and a strong cast to make it work.
Well Washington Theatre Company have and what a fine evening’s entertainment they provided. Switching the production to the Barn performance area and staging it in the round so as to involve the audience by bringing them into the production was a master stroke.
With all of Pratchett’s works the play is filled with adventure, fantasy and the bizarre and tells the tale of the search for the true king of the fantasy kingdom of Lancre.
Leading the search are three witches (The Wyrd Sisters) played brilliantly by Sarah Clarke (Granny Weatherwax) Marie Lovell (Nanny Ogg) and Heather Whitely (Magrat Garlick) who all brought their own inimitable interpretation to the roles. All three were different in character but combined well to give the complete package.
In addition to they also had great support from John Appleton (King Verance) Daniel Stones (The Fool) and Peter Wilson and Cathy Wood (Duke and Duchess Felmet) and the quality of their performances brought an added dimension to the finished product.
With 34 plus characters in the play there was a lot of doubling and trebling of parts for the cast and stage crew alike, who not only undertook the roles but changed the set and props as well. This was no small feat and it ran to perfection.
Finally a special mention must go to the two co-directors Nigel Judson and Rachel Neill and their support staff and crew. They faced all of the challenges put before them in staging the show and did a fine job. Well done all.