Wizard of Oz

Date 3rd November 2018
Society Wallasey Musical Theatre Company
Venue Floral Pavilion New Brighton
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Donna Dale
Musical Director Chris Larkin
Choreographer Donna Dale/Francesca Anyon


Author: Jenny King North West Youth representative

Wallasey Musical Theatre Company returned to the Floral Pavilion with their production of “the Wizard of Oz” transporting a dark November night into the land of Oz, somewhere “Over the Rainbow”. Director Donna Dale and her team supported by Musical Director Chris Larkin did a fine job in bringing the production to the stage.

The show began simply on the farm with Alison Wooton as the caring Aunt Em and John Jones as Uncle Henry along with several other farmhands all of whom were concerned about the impending twister and the whereabouts of Dorothy(Ciera Evans) and her little dog Toto. Ciera sang “Over the rainbow” very well; she has a strong tuneful voice and the audience really enjoyed the performance.

After the twister hit Kansas the stage was transformed into a brightly coloured Land of Oz the Munchkins costumes echoing the colours.The youngsters showed lots of enthusiasm in welcoming Dorothy to Oz portraying their individual roles very well.

Hayley Dale was a very strong Witch of the West; her makeup was superb and she certainly commanded the stage. The scene with the two visiting witches played by Alison Wooton and Maria Larkin was good fun and Hayley “died “well, It was great to see the Sorceress of the North,(Sarah Haynes) using the flying facilities at the theatre; her pink sparkly dress and tiara were every little girl’s dream. Well done to Tibia(Ella Hall) too for “flying as well.

During her time in Oz Dorothy’s main companions were the Scarecrow the Tin man and the Cowardly Lion and all gave convincing performances.Jack Parry was a great scarecrow agile and moving as if he really was made of straw. Matt Harvey gave a strong performance as the Tin Man with the Cowardly Lion (John Jones) slowly gaining in confidence as the show progressed.

The Wizard of Oz (Ian Jones) finally grants them their wishes when after killing the Wicked Witch they return to the Emerald City

The Chorus and Deancers all moved and sang with enthusiasm and the “Commodores” must be congratulated on their contribution; a difficult routine which was done very well.

It is difficult to pick out everyone; it was a team effort with everyone doing their best.

Thanks to everyone involved and for the hospitality received. It was good to see you back at the Floral; Hope to see you again next year.


Jenny King Noda NorthWest Youth Representative.