Wizard of Oz

Date 17th February 2012
Society Hayling Musical Society
Venue Hayling Community Centre
Type of Production Musical
Director Zoe Fisher
Musical Director Jessica Brake
Choreographer Zoe Fisher


Author: John E Thomas

Overall this was an excellent production with some clever choreography within the limited space. I liked the way the curtains and backcloths were used to allow movement of scenery which did not distract the audience and even when movement was visible it was still no problem. The walkway was a superb touch as it provided an added dimension and allowed the principals to move from one scene to another which greatly aided continuity. The lighting effects were excellent especially the storm scene and the “Oz” projection. The use of the gauze was brilliant.
There were some fine individual performances with very few mistakes made especially from “Dorothy”, Megan Fisher, “Scarecrow”, Dan Wallage, “Tin Woodsman”, Ashley Blake and “Cowardly Lion” , Edward Thurgood who were all very focused and remained in character throughout. Plus must mention “Toto” Daisy!
Generally there was good movement from the chorus but they need to sing louder in the chorus numbers. It was almost impossible to hear them at times! This was a combination of not projecting their voices and the orchestra too loud. Generally excellent playing though but much, much too loud especially when over dialogue and when the chorus were singing as they were not miked. It may have helped if the brass had sat facing across and not playing straight down the hall.
An excellent show! Certainly one of the best Youth Groups I have seen this year.