Wife after Death

Date 23rd March 2022
Society Ferring Amateur Dramatic Society
Venue Ferring Village Hall
Type of Production Play
Director Yasmin Nixon
Written By Eric Chappell


Author: Keith Smithers

The timing of this play starts on the day of the funeral for Dave Thursby -  a comedian and national treasure, we are informed. His best friend Harvey Barrett (Dave Holden) and his wife Vi (Lyndsey Kite) set the scene by our hearing about his career and also how because of the suddeness of his death it will affect their futures. Dave's widow, Laura (Sally Carvery)  puts on a great show of grief but also realises that he had not been faithful to her. It appears that everyone has their own opinion of with whom it could be. We also meet the business manager Kevin Prewitt (Roy Stevens) and his wife Jane (Susan U’Ren). The last character in this plot is a lady by the name of Kay Thursby (Liz Holland) who claims to have been married to Dave many years before.

So, as the story unfolds, we find Harvey becoming more unsure of his future, whilst his wife, Vi, well characterised as a dominant lady, taking charge of the situation. Kevin and Jane were well portrayed also as two slightly insecure people. Laura’s acting skills were just right - a touch of the reformed Eliza Doolittle after Higgins has finished her speech therapy sessions.  Kay came across as a good-humoured and happy but cheeky person who was there to claim what was rightfully hers as the still married wife - making the supposedly normal guy, Dave, a bigamist. Not only that though - by the end we find that he has been with all four ladies involved in the play.

Because of the nature of the plot, there were not lots of hilarious moments but there was a solid evening of good-hearted jokes and laughter with comments and sayings about the funeral trade that most of us have heard and enjoyed in the past. The set was bright and in keeping; lighting and sound was simple and effective. Altogether, a recipe for a very enjoyable evening.