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White Christmas


9th November 2018


Worksop Light Opera Society


Acorn Theatre, Worksop

Type of Production



Andrea Colton

Musical Director

Peter Lack


Jacquie Turner


Author: Nanette Lovell

WOW -  although it might only be November "White Christmas" put everyone in the audience in the Christmas mood right from the word go!    The

story began 10 years after the end of World War Two and soldiers Bob Wallace and Phil Davis are still working together as a well known song

and dance act when they meet  the  singing sisters Betty and Judy Haynes. Bob Wallace (Kristian Dennman), Phil Davis (Jonny White), Betty

Haynes (Jo Dewberry) and Judy Haynes (Sarah-Leigh IIett) were simply terrific.  They were so well supported by Graham Berridge (General

Waverly) and Joanne Lassmans (Martha Watson).   There were lots of cameo roles in "White Christmas" and each actor created their own individual

character throughout the  show. The big production numbers were brilliant - excellent singing and dancing from everyone involved.  The

children in the production were obviously enjoying themselves and special mention to  Poppy Smith as Susan Waverly - a lovely performance

from a talented young lady.  The costumes were super and there were lots of them - great work from the wardrobe department.  A fantastic

orchestra led by Peter Lack  all added to the enjoyment  of this superb show.   The finale scenes were so in keeping and the audience were all

encouraged to join in "White Christmas".   Congratulations to EVERYONE involved - Andrea Colton, your director, must be very proud of you all.