When We Are Married

Date 20th May 2016
Society Horncastle Theatre Company
Venue The Lion Theatre Horncastle
Type of Production Play
Director Wendy Ireland
Musical Director none
Choreographer none


Author: David Fisher

This well-established play by J.B. Priestly is a Yorkshire comedy which takes place in 1908. When the curtain opened to reveal to a full house the set, there was a lot of appreciation. Everything about the set took you back to that time. All the cast were of a very, very high standard. You could not say that there was a weak link in this. The costumes, props and lighting were of, once again, of the highest standard that their audience has come to expect.

This is not an easy play to maintain the accents and keep the plot moving forward at a fast pace. The inflection and delivery by this cast is second to none. I can genuinely say I believe that this is the best amateur production in the play category I have had the pleasure to see this year. What was exciting was that as the plot moved through the three acts, so did the audience become more and more involved.

I won't single out any individual actors, other than to say the director must have enjoyed working hard with this very talented set of actors and actresses. It was clear the entire evening that not only did the audience enjoy what was happening, but the cast were thoroughly engaged themselves. Clearly a first-rate production and it is hoped that the society enjoyed it as well.