Welcome to Wondershire

Date 2nd April 2022
Society Heckington Players Amateur Dramatic Society
Venue You Tube
Type of Production Film
Director Kei Bailey
Written By The Children of the Youth Theatre


Author: Jules Jones

Welcome to Wondershire. a Film by Heckington Youth Theatre

Written by the youth theatre members and created in workshop through the lockdown, this film is available on YouTube. It is a  pleasant romp through Wondershire, where we meet the characters that hide amongst the trees and hedgerows, making friends, plotting, telling tales, and commenting on their lives.

You can see just from the cast list how imaginative the writers got with names, themes, and characters.  They developed ideas on costumes, stories, and characterisation during the workshops and filming.  All excellent.

Director Kei Bailey also mentored the writers along with Sarah Crockford, Laura Griffins, and Amy Ash. The creative process seemed like lots of fun. The Cinematography was captured by Callum Thursby, a challenge for any filmmaker working outside and during lockdown. The sound was managed by Mark Elsom and Aaron Hodgson. Makeup and Hair by Katie Calo enhanced the look and costume design by Jo Warrick brought everything together.  What a creative team!