Waiting for God

Date 22nd October 2021
Society Harleston Players
Venue Archbishop Sancroft High School
Type of Production Play
Director Sara Curtis
Producer Helen Farrar


Author: Sarah Meers

A cold evening’s travel to Archbishop Sancroft High School in Harleston turned into the warmest of welcomes by members of Harleston Players.

Waiting for God is a play based on the television series about two pensioners and their daily routines in a residential village setting. A humorous slant on elderly life.

Diana Trent (Dawn Symonds) captivated her audience, engaging impressively every emotion of the role and played it to perfection. Her comedy timing was spot on. Her Partner Tom Ballard (Barry Givens) was delightful and amusing with a charismatic personality. I would love to have him as my Grandad! Both of these characters worked professionally to create the feeling of togetherness. The crazy, bubbly, quaint Jane Edwards (Meryl Keeble) brought the character to life. I enjoyed her quirky ways. The Manager Harvey Baines (Gus Krasonis) showed managerial skills competently, the overbearing son Geoffrey Ballard (Daniel Pack) was adept in creating the role and the niece Sarah Chase (Josie Fuller) had a good family rapport with her aunt. The cameo roles from the rest of the company were suitably cast and were indeed cameo portrayals to make the whole play the excellent performance that I was privileged to watch on Friday night.

The Director, Producer, back stage team and front of house each devised their piece of the jigsaw to make the whole show the success it was.

The minimalistic scenery was used accurately and was totally appropriate to the plot, with apt musical interludes used effectively whilst changing the scenes. I would like to mention the “real food” great! I loved the portrayal of Millie and Basil shakily eating soup always acting even if no conversation. The grave scene near the end of the play, to me was very touching.

The costumes fitted into the era of the production.

The diction was clear throughout the show but just a very small issue of the timing of audience laughter and reciting lines.

A very, very funny play. What an incredibly hilarious evening of fun.