Vicar of Dibley

Date 1st January 2013
Society Hilltop Theatre Company
Director Rhys Stapleton


Author: Ralph Thomas

This was not my first visit to Hilltop having been privileged to witness Liam Dailys outstanding production of Jekyll and Hyde; however it was my first as the area NODA representative having been handed the baton from the legend and true gentleman that is Frank Wooles.

“Vicar of Dibley”! At Hilltop? no no no YES!............... I loved the television series, and was a little sceptical as to its ability to transfer to the stage, I was pleasantly surprised.

The Christmas festivities began tonight, with the villagers and chorus under the keen eye of the multi talented Linda Coombes.

In total 36 scenes were enacted, however the decision to mask 50% of the available stage area for the majority of the show gave the director, and stage crew many headaches causing transitional delays between scenes.

There was no doubt that Huw Williams was David Horton with familiar characterisations from Richard Jones (Hugo), Sian Williams (Geraldine) and Steve Williams’ first class Frank Pickle, which would have fitted seamlessly into the TV series. Great support from Martyn Lench (Owen), Dai Williams (Jim) and Brenda Slaughter as Letitia, however Helen Page as Alice Tinker was simply perfect well done an outstanding performance! 

Thanks for the warm welcome, hope to see you all in Guys and Dolls.