Trivial Pursuits

Date 10th October 2019
Society Penarth Operatic & Dramatic Society
Venue Paget Rooms - Penarth
Type of Production Play
Director Fiona Porter-Smith assisted by Kim Herniman
Choreographer Debbie Apollonio


Author: Allan Mears

Set at a summer barbecue, we were greeted by another of Pods’ trademark sets – very detailed, full of interesting features.

Phil Loveless at Teddy had clear diction and a great characterisation of the role, suitably understated in his campery and brought a brilliant energy to the stage, delivering an array of comedy lines with wonderful timing.

Sally Mathias as Joyce was the lush of the group, showed very good timing as the wine loving Joyce, who thought she was perfect for every part. A believable drunk and was suitably unsuitable as the evening progressed.

Paul Mellin as Nick was well cast and did well to try and hold the story together. A well worked on and rounded performance.

Emma Dennett as Roz was full of energy and confidence and gave a well-timed and enjoyable portrayal of the character.

Bob Tucker as Derek the boring geek, is an excellent actor and very watchable.  He commits to his role with gusto and is an excellent storyteller, perfectly capturing the ‘one that everybody wants to avoid’ character.

Judy Harrhy as Deirdre had a nice air about her, had some great light and shade and put a lot of energy into the role and gave a confident performance.

Debbie Apollonio as Mona conveyed the bitchy side to Mona well and was suitably snide in her storytelling. Good performance and visually spot on.

Tom Dyer as Eddie was nicely pitched, stayed in character throughout and was both watchable and likeable. 

Melissa Rabaiotti as Pearl seemed the most normal of the bunch and brought some very real conversations about show budgets. Good delivery of dialogue and a strong performance.

Helen Ryder as Jessica, the younger aspiring society female lead delivered a good sperformance as a feisty female who knows exactly what she wants from a man. Good facial expressions. Good performance.

The costumes were well sourced, lighting suitably supplied by Llwyd Herniman of Lightsource.

The enthusiastic applause delivered by your audience was richly deserved. Congratulations.