Treasure Island

Date 7th December 2012
Society New Buckenham Players
Venue Village Hall, New Buckenham
Type of Production Play
Director Jimpy Casson


Author: Susan DuPont

An excellent mix of characters and ages, so good to see the youngsters in full participation with speaking parts, and how well they all came over. The adaptation of the book to a realistic length and running time was very good for the audience, we had the set-up, the double-cross, the whole story and the resolution to a satisfactory conclusion in strong terms and rewarding roles for all. As Jim Hawkins, Tom Bailey came over as a likeable lad but with hidden ideas of steel and was not overcome in his resolve. The two ‘ladies’ involved in the project Lady Trelawney (Meryl Anderson) and Miss Livesey (Juliet Fulford) were good strong character roles and were delivered with great spirit. And dignity and a knowledge of what might be required came from Captain Smollett (Rory Lester) as the voyage was undertaken to the Treasure Island. Those sequences in The Shipwright’s Arms with the introduction of the villains and pirates and the ‘ladies of unknown reputation’ must have been fun to rehearse with the repartee and exchanges between those reprobate men and girls and the girls as all plotted to ‘get the treasure’. Some well played character roles from Billy Bones, Blind Pugh, Black Dog, Israel Hands and not forgetting Shoreditch Sal and Piccadilly Poll. And a strong realisation by Long John Silver (Guy Mallett) as a very nasty scheming villain who would stop at nothing to get the map and the money. Loved the parrot Captain Flint, very well manipulated by Jemsen Whatmore. As for that hairy and dancing castaway Ben Gunn, David Dowson obviously enjoyed playing that role, great fun regarding the cheese and cheeses, but important to this story. Jimpy Casson got it all together to give a good evening out; and also need to say good sets to enhance all actions.