Treasure Island

Date 13th January 2017
Society Christchurch Music Society - Newport
Venue Christchurch Church Hall
Director Rhys Bebb and Kate Middleton
Musical Director Martyn Jones
Choreographer Katie Middleton


Author: Sharon Davies

This panto had all the main ingredients needed, a strong line up, Peter Routley ( Ma Hawkins), Bethan Balam ( Jim Hawkins) Felicity Trelawny ( Katie Brown) and villains Long John Silver ( Bryn Middleton) and Brass and Knuckles (Sarah Purnell and Hollie Kempson) Good Choral work, (with catchy songs ranging from La Vida Loca to Gilbert and Sullivan) and great costumes. It also had a few surprises, a singing mermaid (Diane Ebo), who sang and played the guitar for the connecting rhymes and an oversized parrot (Jan Parfitt). All principles gave good performances but I always have a weakness for a villain. Well done to Long John who kept his “missing leg” hidden throughout the performance and also to Brass and Knuckles ( nicely played)

The story was nicely paced and the set changes (always difficult in this church hall) were slick and efficient, as was the use of the side doors.

This Society comprises of many age groups and all were used well and appropriately.

The children in the audience joined in with the enthusiasm that only the young can have, and their enjoyment was infectious.

The music comprised of songs we knew and was well performed. The choreography suited both the age and ability and also the small area available.

Well Done