Treasure Island

Date 14th December 2018
Society Woodfield Entertainers
Venue Ashtead Peace Memorial hall
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Jenny Gamache
Musical Director Sasha O'Toole
Choreographer Laura Hillier and Amalee Gamache


Author: Harry Cumming

The Front of House the Front of House Staff were well organised under the direction of Carolyn Edwards from whom I received a friendly and warm welcome. 

The Programme was well prepared with full details of the Cast and scenes including photographs making it easy to identify the principal characters.  The NODA Emblem was clearly displayed on the front cover. 

Treasure Island: - This pantomime is based on Robert Louis Stephenson's classical tale of piracy and treasure hunting. 

A stranger, upon arriving at the Admiral Benbow Inn, is given a Black Spot which is the sign of betrayal and treachery. The stranger is attacked by a pirate gang who are chased off leaving the stranger mortally wounded and in his chest is found a treasure map and there the original story ends and from then on the fun starts. In the Panto version, a stranger hands over a treasure map to the son of a long lost seaman, Jim Hawkins, who works at the Admiral Benbow Inn, which belongs to our Dame in the show Mrs. Long John Silver. They go off to find the treasure in the ship Hispaniola with Captain Smollet and a Motley Crew.  

During their adventure, which included the usual Galley or Kitchen scene plus the Ghosts and Ghoulies, they find the Treasure. On returning home, Long John Silver tries to steal the Treasure but is thwarted and the stranger turns out to be Jim Hawkins' father. All ends happily ever after.

The Principal Boy, played by Hanna Davidson, was certainly in character to the extent that at first I thought it was a boy. The Dame played by Simon Gadd, and Tim Waters as Long John Silver, remained in character the whole way through, acting up to the audience where called for with a few adlibs and Oh! Yes it is and Oh! No it isn’t. Laura Hillier as Tess and Amalee Gamache as Dot were well matched, both in their comedy and singing numbers. Molly and her love interest Captain Smollet, played by Cara Turner and Neil Edwards, complimented each other. Mia Gadd who played Captain Flint the Parrot was a little Cracker. The Panto was well supported by the rest of the cast.       

A most enjoyable family show, performed to almost full houses which included a large number of children during the whole of the run, by a company who obviously work and play hard together. Congratulations to the Company and I look forward to future shows.