Treasure Island

Date 23rd November 2016
Society Overton Dramatic Society
Venue St Mary's Hall, Overton
Type of Production Panto
Director Bekah Sims and Aimee Charlton
Musical Director Frank Bell


Author: Chris Horton

TREASURE ISLAND, a pantomime written by Chris Liversidge, is filled with an abundance of panto style storylines and evil plots, full of familiar characters: Long John Silver, Jim Hawkins, Blind Pew – all the well-known characters appear  -  with live music support this was a charming production that kept the audience enthralled. 

The programme was a stroke of genius.  It was a black and white, which, with clear instructions, folded to make a pirate hat!  It was  laid out with messages of welcome, a list of cast and credit given to all those who worked behind the scenes. It also gave information about the forthcoming production and carried the NODA logo.

The sets: interior of the Admiral Benbow, Island, Ship etc were effectively created and of high quality and cleverly designed.    There was minimal disruption during the scene changes.  Great and convincing use of props. 

The costumes were excellent, with great attention to detail and were in keeping with the characters and story ranging from the Pirates, grass skirts (over the pirates’ costumes – brilliant!) and the Dame’s final costume and wig deserves special praise. It was outstanding!
The lighting was good.   Most of the sound was excellent with the singers blending well with the live music.

The panto opened with a fabulously energetic song “Happy”.  Jim Hawkins found the treasure map and there then followed tangles with pirates led by Long John Silver (an assured performance by Jim Wheatley), romantic interludes, a little fighting, mutiny, great comic moments and all done with charm and warmth.  We had an interlude of a cross between Bake Off and Ready Steady Cook (great pyrotechnics for the microwave!) as well as some local and topical references as well as a singalong to “What shall we do with the drunken sailor”.  The hall and table decorations were outstanding and as an added bonus a selection of pirate themed earrings had been donated to raise funds for Crohn’s and Colitis UK.  With a great set, costumes, hilarious dame, some songs and dancing as well as jokes and slapstick, ODS yet again, produced a show that sent the audience home happy.