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4th January 2018


Blakeney Players


Blakeney Village Hall

Type of Production



Kate Hoxley

Musical Director Band leader

Gill Mellor


Jane Temple and Marjorie Davies


Michelle Wolfe


Author: Sue DuPont

With ‘ideas and writing skills’ from the duo of Katie Hoxley and Lavinia Finn, and direction from Katie, we were into the ‘other’ team for the script and how well it went, loosely based with imaginative variations on a ‘Toy Story’ theme, fun for all.

Once again an excellent and appropriate nursery theme of toy filled sets and costumes, a delight for the eye and full of colour.

Loved the ‘link’ characters of Janet and John and Little Willy and the ‘Listen with Mother’ sequences as the children sped to the nursery for the toys and the attic rescue.

The mix of toys old and new and the conflicts and thoughts all developed so well, and as the script was written for the individuals, the talents were brought to the fore and exploited, (Jack, General, Robot, Ted, Raggy, Blankey and the rest), so one could name every cast member as being special. Perhaps one should seek out the Elf and the Fairy as strong in the plot and battle against the villain (?) of the show-off Ken. And as for that nine-strong troupe of blonde-haired pink clad tapping Barbie Dolls, what fun to be in the group. And then in the loft to the banished Snowy, Blaine, Bruce and Dick, and the rescue complete with flying over the Blakeney stage. Over all this was a slick, well-moved, and sung entertainment to the usual very high standard now expected on our expedition to the north coast and a great evening out for all in the sold-out hall. So keep up with the fairy dust for the rest of the run!