Titanic – the musical

Date 17th April 2012
Society Portrush Music Society
Venue Riverside Theatre, Coleraine
Director Kerry Dunn
Musical Director Richard Campbell
Choreographer Ditanya McKinty


Author: Sheelagh Hobart

At its 100th anniversary all things ‘Titanic’ are catching the nation’s imagination. Director Kerry made sure that each group was introduced and their roles understood. She also designed the adaptable set, featuring the “bridge” with authentic navigation devices. Props were also meticulous, providing authentic items such as tableware and wireless instruments. Costumes were in period (lifejackets all made by the society); special effects in Sound and Lighting were good.

Everyone in the cast was named – too many to mention individually but each adding to the story.

Radioman Harold Bride (Harry Stinson) and Stoker Frederick Barrett (David McDowell) delivered their morse –code rhythmed song particularly effectively. I believed in Peter Olphert as Thomas Andrews  but found Rory Sheehan a little ‘over the top’ as the arrogant owner, Bruce Ismay.  Isador and Ida Strauss were touchingly portrayed by Carlton Mullineux and Maxine McAleenon and the brash Major bullishly played by Liam Toal. Helen Williamson was the social climbing Alice Beane with William Thompson her long-suffering husband Edgar. They brought welcome comedy into an emotionally charged show. Paul McMaster and Elaine Morrison were believable as the aspirational young Irish couple Jim Farrell and KateMcGowan. Choreographer Ditanya McKinty made the most of the ‘below stairs’ Irish party and the “Rag” with the 1st Class passengers – both were full of energy. “Titanic’s” score is not easy and MD, Richard Campbell, supported both the cast and 12 piece orchestra well through all the challenging music.

A fitting tribute to the real people of an historic tragedy.