Titanic: The Musical

Date 11th July 2019
Society Zenith Youth Theatre Company
Venue kingwood School Theatre, Bath
Type of Production Musical
Director Scott Rogers
Musical Director Roy Page
Choreographer Julie Dallimore & Delia Lee
Producer Alfie Jarvis


Author: Dee Way

This moving story of the tragedy that occurred during the maiden voyage of this famous steamer needs to be presented with both emotion and respect, and with believable relationships between the officers, officials and passengers of different classes. This production achieved this balance extremely well, with very good characterisations, creative staging and excellent direction.

The opening sequence of the ship underwater using light projection was most effective, while the opening song "In Every Age" was beautifully sung. This set the standard for the entire show, which was full of excellent, sensitive performances all round. The use of the set to create the liner was most inventive and effective, with the clear divisions of passenger classes very well portrayed. The opening of the ship's hull was amazing.  The props and costumes were all very well chosen or made, adding a real sense of authenticity to the show. I especially liked the clear differentiation between passenger classes purely by their clothes and the ending, with the living looking up at the lost.

The lighting throughout the show was excellent, with a good mix of subtle and sudden changes to the light levels and very effective use of spotlights. The projections used were very good and fitted very well with the spirit of the production. The sound was also very good, which must be quite a job with so many radio mics to control and the sound effects.  The crash of the iceberg hit was almost too realistic!  The orchestral music was beautifully played and gave a telling sense of strength and vulnerability, setting this mood from the overture onwards. 

However, the most impressive part of the show was the young cast.  It was clear that each member of the cast knew whom they were playing, their background, status and outcome, and then played them as real people.  This brought out the characters very well, and when an argument arose, as towards the end, one knew why it had happened.  The songs that these characters then sang were full of feeling and atmosphere, making this a powerful and highly emotive production. The quality of the singing, movement and acting were excellent, with many songs leaving a lasting impression, such as "Ship of Dreams", "The Moon" and the Morse Code song.

All in all, this was an amazing production. Congratulations to you all!