Titanic, The Musical

Date 1st May 2012
Society Darlington Operatic Society
Venue Civic Theatre, Darlington
Type of Production Musical
Director Scott St Martyn?
Musical Director Michael Trotter?


Author: Peter Parlour

I am constantly running out of superlatives to describe the shows mounted by this society. The singing was wonderfully executed and, according to the local press critic, the sound the cast achieved was as good as any you would hear on the professional stage, a remark with which I would agree. All the principal singing was very strong, especially Lee Morris, as Etches, the steward, Neil Harland as the lovelorn stoker, and Ben Connor, as lookout Fred Fleet, particularly when sang ‘No Moon’ before he spotted the iceberg and raised the alarm.

Paul Threadgall was ideal as Captain Smith, dignified in accepting blame for the disaster after a blazing row as J Bruce Ismay (Matthew McCabe), Chairman of the White Star Line, Thomas Andrews (Julian Cound) and he argued about whose fault it was, providing one of the highlights of the show. Another highlight was the moving scene as fighting broke out in the rush to get on the lifeboats, and third class passengers were turned back at pistol point by Lightroller (Glyn Bigham) and other members of the crew, under orders from the captain.

Everyone in the cast, whether first, second, or third class passengers or crew deserves praise for their portrayals of the real people who sailed on the Titanic. Director Scott St Martyn created superb stage pictures and treated the story with the respect it deserved. Michael Trotter and his twelve musicians also deserve praise for their handling of the complicated score, and producing a magnificent sound. I fear a lot of people will regret not having seen this superb production. Well done, DOS!