The Wedding Singer

Date 17th June 2016
Society Milton Keynes Amateur Operatic Society
Venue Stantonbury Campus Theatre, Milton Keynes
Type of Production Musical
Director Katie Corrigan
Musical Director Albert luck
Choreographer Juliet Ratnage


Author: Alex Wood (for Jenny Chandler)

Brash, a bit rude, sometimes crude and with some of the dodgiest haircuts imaginable, The Wedding Singer is very much of the 80s. And this lively, fun musical is none the worse for that.

Wedding singer, Robbie Hart, loves his job entertaining the newlyweds and their guests but when Linda stands him up at his own wedding everything changes. In spite of the support of band members Sammy and George and his ever loyal grandma Rosie his disillusionment means he can no longer do his job. A bright star in all this is Julia, a waitress he has worked with at a wedding and with whom he gradually falls in love. But she is soon to marry sharetrader Glen, wealthy but uncaring and unfaithful.

Robbie Hart, at the centre of the story, is on stage most of the time and Peter Corrigan made the most of this role. He is a good singer, full of confidence and very believable as the small-time rock star who seems to have lost his way. Simon Page was convincing as his bass player and Joshua Thompson seemed very at ease in his role as George - the Boy George tribute the script calls for. Like Peter I thought that Alexander Kennard had a bit of a problem with accent but otherwise worked hard at portraying the villain of the piece, Glen Guglia.

Emma Belam did well as bad girl Linda - I especially enjoyed her 'note' song explaining why she wouldn't be marrying Robbie. Leah Scott as Julia Sullivan, the girl who helps Robbie get back his self-belief, was excellent. Totally believable with a great singing voice. The same can be said for Alice Dobell, playing her sparky friend Holly. Both girls really nailed it.

Grandma Rosie is a very funny role and Jane Hopton was an excellent choice for this and Julie Davenport made a convincing 'mom' to Glen.

The show has a large ensemble with many, many cameo roles, all performed with enthusiasm and skill.

The show used a small but very effective band ably led by MD Albert Luck. Choreography was by Juliet Ratnage - no easy task with such a large cast but I was impressed, especially by All About The Green. Well done to the wardrobe team and their great work in costuming so many people with an authentic 80's look.

MKAOS are best known for their annual pantomime but Katie Corrigan are to be congratulated for producing such an entertaining show.