The Wedding Singer

Date 8th November 2019
Society Colstars
Venue Coliseum Theatre - Aberdare
Type of Production Musical
Director Derek Williams
Musical Director Sioned Evans
Choreographer Julie Griffiths


Author: Allan Mears

The wedding singer has a mix of music from pop to rock, it is an upbeat show with tunes that will have audiences remembering the' good old days' of the 80's. 

Danny Hopkins as Robbie Hart led the cast, his characterisation was warm, funny and charismatic and very much the rock of the show. Good energy and some lovely moments in his duets with Julia.

Kieran Pryor as Sammy gave a good and funny portrayal of Sammy, the loveable but skittish soul-mate of Robbie and lived up to the role of confidant as his own love life faltered.

Elis Myers-Sleight as George extracted all the humour in the role required and was true to the part, his well timed comedic moments added some lighter touches to the proceedings. Elis always brings great performance skills to any part, and this was no exception.

Zoe Philips as Julia was a natural, Strong yet vulnerable and well cast. This role gave Zoe the chance to showcase her fine acting and great voice.

Morgan Waldron as Holly was wisecracking and flirtatious and interpreted her role well, a good full-on character.

Henley Cegielski as Glen Guglia was very well conveyed and had just the right amounts of necessary traits to leave us in no doubt that he was the ‘baddy’ of the piece with his selfish and arrogant dealings.

Ceri Millar as Rosie was an exuberant grandma, a good comedy portrayal, extremely amusing.

Deborah James as Linda gave a bright and lively interpretation of the character and delivered a lovely cameo.

These main cast was strongly supported by the other principals who each gave strong performances, The vitality and commitment of the full cast was obvious and came over to the audience very strongly.

Choreography was appropriate for the company and cleverly executed so that everyone appeared to achieve what they set out to do. The orchestra led by Musical Director Sioned Evans made a great sound and stayed within an acceptable noise level. The direction throughout was of a high standard.

Congratulations Colstars