The Wedding Singer

Date 24th October 2012
Society Allegro
Venue Church hill Theatre
Type of Production Musical
Director Janice Bruce
Musical Director Simon Hanson
Choreographer Caroline Howie


Author: Dorothy Johnstone

I had never seen this musical before and what a fabulous show it was. The entire production was full of vitality and there was no doubt that this company was having tremendous fun. The big chorus production numbers were performed with great enthusiasm vocally and some excellent choreography throughout resulted in lively, energetic performances from all on stage. I especially enjoyed ‘ All About the Green’ which was slick and stylish. There are some great characters in this musical. Fraser Jamieson as Robbie Hart, the Wedding Singer, was vocally strong, played the guitar with confidence and gave a very convincing performance varying his mood as the part demanded with ease. Having been jilted at the alter,he falls for Julia Sullivan a demure waitress. Jennifer Good looked and sang this part well and was totally believable as the innocent, naïve waitress. Her duet with Robbie ‘If I Told You ‘ was sung with great feeling, the two voices blending very nicely. Mairi Beaver (Linda) has a great rock voice and gave it everything in ‘Let me Come Home ‘ with her sensual movements and sexy outfit. Nicole Graham too was a loveable Holly with her powerful rock star voice and was at her best in ‘Saturday Night in the City ‘ where again the company was alive and energetic and had the chance to show off some outrageous costumes and wigs ! Paul Inglis ( Sammy ) and Blair Grandison (George) the other 2 members of the Wedding Singer’s band played well together bringing out the fun and humour in the dialogue. Helen Goldie was a most amusing Granny Rosie, agile and spirited particularly in her duet ‘ Move That Thang’ with George. Steve Park was suitably obnoxious as Glen Guglia the cheating boyfriend. As well as being a show which offers great principal roles, there are some interesting cameo roles which were all well played but Kathryn Samson’s Tina Turner and Charlie Munroe’s Ronald Reagan are worth a mention.Back projection was cleverly used to change scenes and create atmosphere. Set changes were slick and the whole production moved along smoothly. This was indeed a production which romped along providing a dynamic evening’s entertainment. Colourful dazzling costumes and a supportive band all added to the success of this show. Congratulations to the entire cast, production team and all who contributed in any way in making this what I believe to be one of Allegro’s best productions.