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The Wedding Singer


21st April 2012


Mossley Amateur Operatic & Dramatic Society


George Lawton Hall, Mossley

Type of Production



John Wood

Musical Director

Paul Firth


Author: Sharon Drummond

Choreographer: Gary Jones-McCaw

Many people I guess will be familiar with the film on which this show is based but this musical had so much energy, commitment to the characters and original songs that it was an absolute joy to watch and left me exhausted just watching the show!   The set looked wonderful and worked really well bearing in mind there are so many scene changes but the backstage crew and obviously John as Director had worked so hard to make this show seamless. Often one wondered how the set had changed so quickly and little touches with props made the effect even greater.   The costumes and props had a real 80’s feel and the lighting plot worked well along with the wigs and make up. The band under the direction of Paul Firth only served to compliment the fantastic voices of the cast.   This show was an absolute energy bundle and the choreography and direction were faultless. The dancing was drilled to perfection and a mention should go to the Dance Captain Elizabeth (Liz) Linden who along with Gary Jones-McCaw clearly went over and over routines to get them so perfect.   Dominic Penney played Robbie Hart with the right amount of cheeky charm and angst when his girlfriend dumps him at the alter. His vocal performance suited the songs and I loved “Somebody Kill Me” which needs clear diction so the audience get the joke. Good work on the guitar too.   Felicity Eccles was wonderful as Julia. Looking stunning but sounding it too her performance had a real warmth to it. I love the song “Come out of the Dumpster” and was certainly not disappointed with this version. Felicity & Dominic’s voices blended really well together and “If I Told You” was a real highlight for me.   William Pretsell played a wonderful “Jack the Lad” Sammy. His comic timing was beautifully played and he worked well opposite Justine Moore as easy girl Holly who looked fabulous and delivered a sassy, no nonsense characterisation. Nice vocals from the two of you and again a lovely rendition of “Right in Front of Your Eyes”.   Gary Jones Mc-Caw was fabulous as George and his number “Move that Thang” with Mandy Mallinson as Rosie had to be seen and heard to be believed- wonderfully funny and executed to perfection.   Sam Maurice had the difficult job of playing Glen but again put in a wonderful performance with great vocals and dance moves. “All about the Green” looked and sounded fantastic with a great routine.   The supporting principals and chorus made up what was a fantastic cast who put on a show to rival any professional production. The energy pumping from the stage in the opening number “It’s Your Wedding Day” and at the end of Act 1 in “Saturday Night in the City” and then in Act 2 “All about the Green” and other company numbers was exhilarating.   This little known show is an absolute gem especially when in the hands of such a fantastic society with a production team who are so professional about what they do. Well done to everyone involved in this stunning production.