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The Way of the World


22nd November 2017


Cockermouth Amateur Dramatic Society


Kirkgate Centre

Type of Production



Nick Stanley


Author: Ed McGee

This play written by William Congreve was premiered in 1700, and is regarded as one of the best Restoration Comedies.

  There are many plots and sub plots in this very long five act production, with plenty of intrigue fidelity and infidelity along the way. There are some very large acting parts to be played, and an enormous number of lines to be learned, to do the script justice. The company rose very well to all these challenges.

     There were some lovely performances, but the star for me was Millament, superbly played by Emma Robinson. She was tremendous. To be honest, everyone played their part well, and there wasn’t a weak link in the very strong team.

     Before seeing the play, I’d wondered if there was still a place for plays with such convoluted plots in today’s society, but having seen it there quite clearly is, and I believe that this play is coming into the West End in the spring of 2018.

   The scenery was very basic, with a black set, and minimum furniture, but that’s really all was needed. There was minimum lighting effects and the voice projection of the performers were very good

     The period costume, as well as the stage furniture had been borrowed from Theatre by the Lake, were all superb and were well in character with this period play.

   It was a long but very enjoyable evening at the Kirkgate dress rehearsal, and well worth the visit. I hope they have good audiences for their run, the cast certainly deserve it. Congratulations  to everyone concerned, particularly to director Nick, for his vision.

    My invitation to the play was much appreciated.