The Vicar of Dibley

Date 27th May 2016
Society Retford Little Theatre
Venue Retford Little Theatre
Type of Production Play
Director Donnamarie Stamp
Musical Director Stephen Walker
Choreographer N/A


Author: David Fisher

When a theatre group takes on a production which has been a long-running television series, there can be difficulties because of the large variety of sets. This group combined the village hall set with the vicar's lounge;  the closing jokes from each episode are told at a table by the wings. On the opposite wing was the organ, central to the wedding scene. So compliments to Emma and David Jones as stage managers for achieving a worthwhile and satisfying effect, as well as the music and lighting between scenes. Behind and part of the overall effect is the design itself. This was magificently done by Donnamarie Stamp.

Each of the cast had obviously spent many hours mimicking their professional counterparts in both movements and speech, and they achieved a very high standard in both. People near me in the audience said that you could be forgiven for not realising that this was not the original cast. Praise must be given to all of them and to Donnamarie Stamp for the excellent staging.

To draw out any cast member would be difficult, but I should like to thank Lesley Harris for her role of Alice Tinker and to Frank Stamp for his role as Owen Newitt. They were exceptional in taking us through the evening.

I feel that this is another production that Retford Little Theatre can rightfully be proud of staging.