The Titfield Thunderbolt

Date 18th July 2013
Society Horncastle Theatre Company
Venue Lion Theatre Horncastle
Type of Production play
Director Peter Glanfield


Author: Anne Key-Huckerby

Philip Goulding's adaptation of The Titfield Thunderbolt has some extremely funny lines and ludicrous situations. Although there was a certain amount of hesitancy in the delivering of lines by some members of the cast which slowed down the action, there was much to enjoy. Clever use was made of suitable snatches of music to accompany different parts of tthe story. The audience played an important [though brief] role, too, when extra water was needed in order for the ancient locomotive to complete its journey. Various containers like a copper kettle, a suacepan, a tiny dish, a man's shoe and a potty [all with water in them] were passed successfully from hand to hand from the back of the auditorium to the stage.The set was a work of art on such a small stage. The lighting was used well and the sound effects were pretty realistic. All the members of the cast suited their roles admirably. Indeed, one young man undertook no fewer than five different parts....including one of a woman! Full marks to Shaun Bates who played Vernon Crump. He'd broken his collar-bone only days before the  First Night and coped remarkably well despite having his arm in a restrictive sling. The costumes and props were very suitable for the era. Well done.