The Threepenny Opera

Date 11th April 2013
Society North Norfolk Chamber Opera
Venue Auden Theatre, Gresham's School. Holt
Type of Production Opera
Director Stephen Miles (and vocal coach)
Musical Director James Laird
Choreographer Joanna Laird


Author: Susan DuPont

A good choice for the singing ability of the group and well directed by Stephen Miles in a different style and concept of acting space layout against that London skyline backing.

As the Peachams, Des Holmes and Janet Bryant-Heron excelled in their vocals with well trained notes and great quality of tones, and how well they developed and realised their character roles: a delight to watch and hear them in their professionalism. Good clear singing from The Skivvy (Carol Fennell) in the narrative at the beginning. As MacHeath, Nick Bird was all that was wanted with the debonair manner, the flirtatious glances and moves wooing all the women, and furtively trying to outrun the law and his enemies, as expected a very polished performance and credible of character and notes. Polly Peachum ( Sam Hawkins) was a good match for him vocally and in acting as she clung on to her love in spite of all the others interested in him. Jenny Diver (Suzanne Smith), Lucy Brown (Dawn Williamson), and Suky Tawdry (Melissa Sampson) were clear in their intent to snare the man and sang with forceful clarity and on note. As Tiger Brown, Chris Speake gave a strong character role of smoothness and quality of vocals in the role, the friendship worked well as a relationship with the villain. And that chorus of Whores who sang so powerfully and made the audience feel that they were truly part of the action in London, each a soloist but, as a whole, what a sound and harmony. And not to forget the minor roles of Gangsters, Police, Beggars, and Herald; and what a good-sounding voice from the off-stage Narrator. A pleasure to see and hear this work again after many years of it not being performed in the area.