The Taming of the Shrew

Date 22nd June 2018
Society Hilltop Theatre Company
Venue Pentyrch Village Hall
Director Geoff Lake
Choreographer Jan Samuel


Author: Allan Mears

This was an overall solid production with some notable performances such as, Joshua Ogle as Lucentio and Paul Smith as his servant Tranio, both worked well together and were equally good when their characters were split.

Mike Freeman as Petruchio gave everything that was needed for the role – another notable performance. Flora Kerridge as Katharine, the very strong willed Shrew gave a very lively performance. Adina Grota as Bianca gave a good portrayal of the obedient daughter. Gremio who was very well played by Phil Davies along with a good comedic performance from Hayden Manuell as Hortensio.

All the supporting roles (whether large or small) were very well carried out. Everyone worked very hard to make the lines sound natural while still being clearly audible.

Costumes were just right for the production and I’m sure helped the actors with their characters. Full marks for the set design, in what is a very small stage. Stage props were authentic. Lighting added to the overall feel of the play.

This was quite a brave choice of play and I would urge you to continue to be bold in your choices and help to push boundaries in non professional theatre.

Congratulations Hilltop.