The Tale of The Tail

Date 12th April 2013
Society Westovian Theatre Society
Venue Pier Pavilion, South Shields
Type of Production Play
Director Peter Dawson


Author: Gwyneth Hunter

This interesting and different play, written by the late Michael Gallagher, had a simple story of rich, unhappy girl meets poor, happy boy. But this was where the simplicity ended, for to get from beginning to end, the play twisted and turned through eleven montages.

The montages were linked by news announcements and adverts. Connor Woods and Kate Mann were very good as the announcers, with clear diction and well timed delivery of their lines. They in turn were ably supported by Lynn Davidson as the roving reporter. The play had within the montages a range of genres such as Fairy Tales, Marcelle Marceau miming, a Benny Hill chase and a touch of Monty Python. These were all tackled confidently by this large junior cast. Alicia Todd was very good as the sad faced, rich girl, Miranda, while Andrew Dawson was excellent as the kind and caring poor boy, Graham.

On the night I attended, we had an early interval due to one of the cast taking ill. Every credit to Director Peter Dawson, who took over the role to enable the show to continue, and I understand that he had to continue for the rest of the run.

As the play was quite tricky in places, it was good that the set and props were kept simple, using curtains and minimal pieces if scenery and props. Well done to everyone who was involved in this challenging production.