The Takeover

Date 26th October 2018
Society Three Towns Theatre Company
Venue Brook Theatre, Chatham
Type of Production Musical
Director Samantha Grace
Musical Director Suzanna Crossley
Choreographer Katy Michaelides/Elizabeth Harold/Lucy Barber


Author: Gordon Harris

Wow!!  What a great concept this new piece of theatre is. Samantha Grace: you have so much talent, you can direct, act, sing, dance, and can now add writing to your list… along with that you have great stage presence. 

Your massive cast of 26 gave me an enjoyable evening, mixed with highs and lows of this story; a plot near to all amdrams' hearts. Your cast of old and young members took the drama of "The Takeover" into their performances along with some well choreographed dance routines (Lucy Barber/Elizabeth Harold/Katy Michaelides).

It was nice to hear songs in the show that never usually get an airing on stage: some old, some new, some not heard of from shows not seen in the UK, and some from films. This was pulled together by Suzanne Crossley as Composer and Musical director, a good band, although a little loud at times, drowning the cast. 

Seeing there are so many parts in "The Takeover" I feel I cannot mention them individually, it wouldn’t be fair, but all were played by the actors old and young with gusto and gave us some touching moments.