The Steamie

Date 8th September 2021
Society The Florians Dramatic Society
Venue Florians Theatre, Inverness
Type of Production Play
Director Caroline Nicol
Musical Director Fiona Stuart


Author: Douglas J Clark, Regional Rep

After several delays due to Covid 19, The Florians production of Tony Roper’s comedy drama finally made it to the stage – and it was certainly worth waiting for. The cast of four women and one man, under the excellent direction of Caroline Nicol, brought working class 1950s Glasgow to life giving us a snapshot of the hardships faced and the humour with which they were dealt with. The cast worked well together as an ensemble, reflecting how women supported each other in real life at the time, whilst each of the women were given their turn in the spotlight to display their characters. Morna Eadie as the garrulous Dolly gave us a hilarious exhibition of her prowess in the tango; Alison Ozog as the newly married Doreen told us of her hopes for the future in the beautifully delivered song “Dreams Come True”; Anne Bamborough as the more serious Magrit gave us a heartfelt monologue on what it was like to be a wife and mother striving to do the best for her family and Morag Barron as the elderly, hard working Mrs Culfeathers had the audience in laughter and tears in equal measure at her telling of the legendary Galloway’s mince. The women’s singing and movement in the ensemble numbers “Pals” and “All the Best When It Comes” were excellent. Alan Macleod as Andy the maintenance man gave excellent support. Steven Kelly’s set representing a traditional public wash-house or “Steamie” was excellent and added greatly to the ambience as did the authentic costuming. Congratulations to everyone involved for a superb prodction.