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The Sound of Music


28th November 2012


Cleckheaton & Spenborough AO & DS


Cleckheaton Town Hall

Type of Production



Judith Morris

Musical Director

Jessica Ward


Judith Morris


Author: Jacqui Hartley

Yet another show from the Roger's and Hammerstein's repertoire and the hills around Cleckheaton certainly resounded to the sound of music this week. The Society made good use of their limited stage area with basic scenery and a screen to project their many different scenes, both inside the abbey and out. An assured performance from the delightful Maria (Elizabeth Coyle) who held the audience in her hands as she carefully contrasted the role of novice to wife and mother. The team of seven children were absolutely and superbly led by the very professional Liesl (Taylor Bourke) right down to little Gretel (Ella Watson) only five years old, but who knew every line and move. As ever the children stole the scenes and I am sure the second team of children, which I did not see, were equally as good. The beautifully dressed aristocrat Elsa Schraeder, (Angela Buffham-Wheeler) who is quite a regular at Cleck & Spen now, delivered the portrayal of her character so elegantly. The Mother Abbess (Judith Morris, also Director of this production) provided an excellent attitude towards Maria, showing her soft sympathetic side. I feel this year the ladies out shone the gentlemen of the Society but they had lots of little character parts that were very well done. A lovely evening enjoyed by everyone.