The Sound of Music

Date 17th April 2019
Society Alyth Musical Society
Venue Alyth Town Hall
Type of Production Musical
Director Gemma Pryde
Musical Director Colin Grant
Choreographer Gemma Pryde


Author: Roger D. Buist

The hills (around Alyth) were alive with the sound of music because Alyth MS were performing this much-loved musical. All the lovely well-known Rodgers and Hammerstein songs are there, plus the heart-warming tale of the von Trapp family. Postulant Nun, Maria, is singing her heart out, unaware that she should be attending prayers! From her first appearance, Claire Mallinson brought Maria beautifully and exactly to life with her effervescent singing and acting and looked to be enjoying every single moment. This role was safe and sound in her hands since she was seldom off the stage and much singing to do. Opposite her, as the strict disciplinarian (and whistler), Captain Georg von Trapp, father of seven children, found Gerard Cameron, turning in a performance that was strong and we were overjoyed when he found his true love. And, it was pleasant to sing along (under our breath) with his stage family, in the popular “Eidelweiss”. Marjorie Twivey was a truly understanding Mother Abbess and brought great charm and sympathy to the stage and, it was to her, that the musical’s great anthem fell to – “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” – and she certainly made the most of singing this great refrain as we, the audience, delighted in hearing it sung. Great support came from the other three main Nuns – Glenda Kean, Eleanor Love, and Isabel McCurdy – and, with the Mother Abbess, their “Problem Like Maria?” was a real joy. Young love blossoms through this show, but has a sad end since the eldest daughter, Liesl, beautifully played by Isla Wands, falls in love with local telegram boy, Rolf, whose admiration for the Nazis ruins his chances! Young Robert Oakes fitted the Rolf role very nicely indeed. Also looking for love, and hoping to marry the Captain, was family friend, Baroness Else Schraeder. She was haughty, with a degree of snobbishness, and brought to the stage in great style by Elaine Murray. Andrew Beckett was the shrewd family friend and music impresario, Max Detweiler, bringing just the right amount of cynicism to his role, determined to get the family to sing at the local Music Festival. Usually seen in comedy roles, Ron Kirkpatrick was the nasty Gauleiter of the Region; Herr Zeller; Valerie Anderson was competent housekeeper Frau Schmitt; and Darren Gracey equally capable as butler Franz. But the real stars of this show were the children, who have much to do, and each one was splendid so, a big well done to Hollie Burns, Jodie Harden, Penny Stephens, Cameron Gracey, Sebastian Kimber, and Dylan Wallace. Travelling home, one was definitely singing the songs after this performance!