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The Snow Queen


31st January 2018


Downfield Mains Panto Group


Downfield Mains Church Hall, Dundee

Type of Production



Lyndsay Morrison

Musical Director

Fiona Gill & Carol O'Rourke


Megan Robb & Amy McKay


Author: Roger D. Buist

Once again this small, keen, church panto group brought to the stage a brand new panto tale that, in all my vast panto experience, I have never seen. Now everybody knows this well known tale, but as a panto . . ? It was as an eloquent Hans Christian Andersen that Keith Spottiswoode introduced us to his famed characters and we met Gerda (Rachel Miller) and Kai (Kirsty Small), both made a fine leading couple although, as the story progresses, they spend much of their time apart! Then came the Snow Queen herself, Claire Streets, bringing an icy coldness to all proceedings with her nasty, frosty manner and showing she loved every minute of it! And no one dare mention “Global Warming” (which we all did!) but we were met by her icy cold stare that made us freeze! But that did not stop the “Good” element of panto to attempt to thwart her evil plans –the gentle Fairy Snowdrop, tenderly played by Alyson Duff. As for the panto part of this tale, step forward Gran – Fiona Gill at her boisterous best, blowing kisses to the audience at her every entrance and awaiting the audience’s “charming” response – “Hello Granny Fanny Annie!” Gran also owned a sweet shop and there was a wonderful play on words concerning all makes of sweets! Her grandson, Helmut, a convincing Allyson Smith, aided the story along and we were soon travelling through the many, picturesque Ice scenes and also the warm brightly coloured Spring Flower Garden. Then there was a “Summer Of Love”, a Hippie Commune with a hyper active Ziggy (Steve Lowrie-McKay) and Sunbeam (Anne Lindsay) into Flower Power! Young Jamie Tosh proved to be a right scene stealer as Caw the Raven and he delivered what was the funniest joke in the panto! He next appeared as Rufus the Reindeer showing great poise and is definitely one to watch as a star of the future! This was a great night out with lots of laughs, lovely costumes, great scenery, and an enthusiastic dancing company. It definitely melted any heart of ice!