The Snow Queen

Date 25th November 2015
Society Overton Dramatic Society
Venue St Mary's Hall, Overton
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Jean Wheatley, Jim Wheatley
Musical Director Frank Bell
Choreographer Maggs Steward, Jean Wheatley, Jim Wheatley


Author: Chris Horton

The Snow Queen – the pantomime written by Darren Edwards, adapted and directed by Jean and Jim Wheatley  opened in The Magical Palace and the evening got off to some lively proceedings with pyrotechnics galore.  The evil Snow Queen (a suitably sinister Emma Camm) wanted to keep the kingdom covered in snow and ice.  And so the adventures began.  We moved from the Ice Palace to the town of Buxoumberg and in true panto style there were goodies, baddies, songs, dancing and lots of laughs. 

The Scenery, set and properties were amazing and had been well crafted and were effectively used.  The transition between scenes was smooth. 

The costumes were all excellent and in keeping with the characters in particular, The Sun Queen sparkled in her gold, glittering dress and The Snow Queen’s ensemble was suitably floaty and frosty.   

The lighting, sound and special effects were sensational, especially for the arrival and departure of The Snow Queen. The lighting introduced some magic into the hall with gorgeous colours and others giving the effect of icicles.   The cast were well supported by the live three piece band.

The production beautifully captured the spirit of pantomime in an evening of warmth and great entertainment using a large cast in a variety of roles with townspeople, yeti, elves and a charming Rudolph!   Bekah Sims had irresistible vivacity and charm as the ditsy Bonnie and Paul Robinson was compulsively watchable and physically very funny as Nanna, the dame.  Rob Bailey was bursting with charisma as Jack Frost and he and Tom Wheatley as Bob Sleigh had superb chemistry and great rapport with the audience. There were smiles all round throughout the evening, especially during the scene when Nanna was wrapped up in Christmas paper – a very well executed scene!    The level of energy never dropped and all the cast gave 100 per cent to this hugely enjoyable and fun production.