The Slipper and the Rose

Date 14th April 2018
Society Three Towns Theatre Company
Venue Brooke Theatre
Type of Production Musical
Director Debra Harrold
Musical Director Suzane Turner
Choreographer Lucy Barber


Author: Gordon Harris

The Slipper and the Rose has everything going for it, written by the musical brains behind some of the well-known musicals, including Mary Poppins and The Jungle Book,The Slipper and the Rose by “Three Towns“ this week at the Brooke Theatre, did the writers proud. The story of Cinderella is known throughout the world, but this version concentrates more on the Prince’s story. I like that!! Debra Harrold took this large cast and filled the stage with great direction, cutting down on a large set, giving us a seamless, smooth run.This production does have some strong qualities the musical numbers are sung with strength and the harmonies of the musical numbers due to Suzane Turner (MD) are delivered beautifully, accompanied by a great band. 

Samantha Grace as Prince Edward and Elizabeth Harrold as Cinderella, both in good voice, had excellent stage presence. These two together lifted the show whenever they were on stage together. A comic tour-de-force is given thanks to Tim Corthorn as the jovial and camp Montague, the annoying nephew of the King, while Sam Loft as John, the right hand  to the Prince is strong, and has an excellent young stage presence. King (Tony Harrold) and Queen (Carole Pemble) gave superb stalwart performances both in acting ability and comic timing. A regal Fairy Godmother in Janet Turner, a loud brash Stepmother in Hayley Firmin and her stupid daughters Isabella and Pallentine (Amber Clougley and Emilia Coady) I wanted to slap them!! Great portrayals ladies. All this watched over by the Dowager Queen (Diane Martin) Last but not least, an aptly cast Penny Taylor as Lord Chamberlain what a performance from Penny - wow!! Well done to the kids that gave us that "ah bless" feeling. Choreographer Lucy Barber gave us simple steps, but they matched the period of the piece. Louise Parrot, Stage Manager, took and controlled the Stage Management effortlessly. Costumes were excellent and the shoes perfect!!!