The Shoe-Horn Sonata

Date 22nd March 2019
Society Rainham Theatrical Society (RTS Ltd)
Venue Oasthouse Theatre, Rainham
Type of Production Play
Director Faye Wyatt


Author: Gordon Harris

‘The Shoe-Horn Sonata’ is set 50 years after the war when two of the survivors, Sheila and Bridie, are reunited to re-live their harrowing experiences as Prisoners of War for a documentary. Rick, the interviewer, entices the women to uncover their past, leading the audience to discover their efforts to not only survive and endure pain and torture, but to find ways to stay alive in such challenging conditions. 

Faye Wyatt (Director) took this sensitive subject and directed the actors well, bringing out the love-hate relation between Bridie and Sheila.  By reuniting the two and asking them to re-live the memories of their past, an emotional secret is uncovered that leaves the women with a stronger bond than ever. The audience is taken on a journey through the power of John Misto’s play, it's very dramatic, leaving Bridie and Sheila to question the brutalities of war and the impact of shared memories in creating a lasting relationship.

Jan Wyatt (Bridie) and Georgie Sayers (Sheila) were teamed well, but both were a little young for the parts, although with their great acting abilities this can be forgiven. Both ladies gave us the full gambit of acting ability. With only three on stage this play could have become very boring, but it didn’t mainly due to these two ladies and the direction of Faye. Josh Webb (Rick) interjected at times as the interviewer, moving the set as well, very swiftly. All other components set/props/sound were in the hands of Stage manager Tom Godman, who made the play run smoothly.

RaTs you took a delicate subject and gave your audiences a good night of drama keep it up, Thank you.