The Producers

Date 21st March 2013
Society Basingstoke Amateur Operatic Society
Venue The Haymarket Basingstoke
Type of Production Musical
Director Sue Sampson
Musical Director Julie Dance
Choreographer Alex Stores


Author: Betty Haslam District 18

The Producers started life as a movie written and directed by Mel Brooks in 1968. The musical was a farcical parody of Broadway and Hollywood.The movie production company refused to release it as they thought it was in bad taste.   The musical plot is about putting together a Broadway flop, the worst show ever seen and using a sharp accounting system to make more money and escape to Brazil as millionaires.  Unfortunately the show was a hit!.  Max was duly sent to prison for fraud with Leo going off to Brazil with his girl friend with the spoils but all was well at the end with Leo returning to testify on behalf of Max and he was released from prison and they all lived happy ever after. Sue Sampson’s direction from the start was a jolly romp of tin pan alley music and fast talking dialogue full of fun and laughter.   Bialystock (Rob Wilson) portrayed the part of the King of Broadway with an abundance of energy, acrobatic moves and excellent comedy timing whose shows always managed to flop and who was in danger of going bankrupt until, his accountant Leo Bloom (David Izzo) came along with a new finance system. The show they put together Springtime for Hitler written by a crazed pigeon fancying Bavarian Franz Liebkind(Martin Sampson) who was simply hilarious, his comedy timing and moves were sheer magic and he and his pigeons had the audience in stitches. Ulla (Hayley Cheesworth) gave good support as the love interest ending up going to Brazil with Leo.  Roger DeBris (Tom McReavy) and Carmen Ghia (Edward Branch) as director and assistant of ‘Springtime’ showed their talent with very good character parts.   The rest of the cast gave very good support.  Julie Dance conducted the orchestra giving excellent support to the singers. Alex Stores choreography was excellent and she brought out the best from her dancers  Tim Allen and his crew managed the scene changes well and the set design by Colin Eales and constructed by Devon Eales complemented the show.    Very well done BAOS.